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Offer your skin natural products handmade with love in a home lab


Natural rejuvenating cream for all skin types


Replenish your skin care with a Rejuvenating, Anti-inflammatory or Moisturizing Serum


Choose among prepared sets for a perfect care, tailored to your skin’s needs.


founder, designer and creator/manufacturer of the products

Večna Mladost cosmetics were created with the desire to offer everything the skin needs with the help of nature. It has always been a pleasure for me to take care of my skin in the most natural and healthy way, and at the same time I am constantly accompanied by a great desire to help people. After over 20 years of learning, research, and working in a cosmetics industry, I am closer to my life goal as ever before. I’ve been following my intuition, doing the thing I enjoyed and together with my daughter Taja, we have created unique products that we know today.

Creating skincare products, to me, feels like cooking a good meal. When I’m making the Večna Mladost products, I feel like the most prominent chef in the world who’s preparing the most unique creation. The best chefs rely on ingredients of the highest quality and with help of a little magic they prepare the most excellent dishes. I use the same strategy with my creams and serums.

I mix creams with the same passion as the best chef, who wants to please every guest.
Ingredients are chosen with deliberation and refinement, because I want for every woman and man to feel phenomenal when they use my creams. My creams give you a smooth, soft and gentle feeling on the skin.

My mission is to create natural products for every skin type. Every product carries a story, full of education and creativity. Hopefully, you will allow me to help you get a rejuvenated, nourished skin.

Thank you for your trust!
Andreja Karner


BSc in Biochemistry, MSc in Molecular Nutrition

To have her own cosmetic line, has been my mother’s dream for as long as I can remember. She silently rooted for me to choose my studies in that direction – in the end I actually ended up studying biochemistry, although for different reasons.

As my mom at the age of 48 mixed her first cream and sent it to me to Denmark, I couldn’t believe what she had achieved. My skin has been extremely problematic, with many inflamed spots and a sensitive skin barrier. However, my mom’s first cream calmed my inflamed skin in a matter of days.

Because I felt that she needs a little bit of encouragement, I wrote a blog post about her. I wrote about how proud I am that she chose to follow her passion despite her age. That blog post received a lot of attention. And from that point forward, this story keeps on growing.

With my theoretical background and her practical experience we researched a plethora of ingredients and came to combinations that are most beneficial for different skin types.
Thanks to you, dear customers, this story keeps on getting bigger every month and your positive feedback gives us more willpower and proof that we are on the right path.

Thank you,

Mnenja strank



Excellent creams! Highly recommended!

Simona G.



My face and skin… everything looks so after using this magical cream, made with love. My skin is glowing and wrinkles are so much smaller and some are totally gone!

Biljana D.



I’m totally in love with your cream! But who isn’t, once they tried it out?




After 3 months of using Večna mladost products, my skin almost seems like baby skin! The tonus of the skin has improved, pigmented spots have disappeared and what surprised me most is that many of my wrinkles are totally gone. And all this was achieved with all natural products. Amazing. Highly recommended. It actually works!

Jasna D.


Almost every ingredient used in our products is so natural that it is also edible.


Cosmetic products Večna Mladost are handmade in a home laboratory.


Comprehensive individual treatment for very problematic skin.



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